5 Types of Equipment You Should Have to Create an Awesome Home Gym

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Trying to meet fitness goals is difficult. There’s often not enough time in a day to make it to the gym after work, take care of family, and run errands. Then there are the rising gym fees that can hit your pockets hard. Wouldn’t it save you time and money to have the gym come to you?

Building a home gym can be a beneficial move for anyone. However, before you start your new at-home facility, you’ll need to know some basic home gym equipment to buy that’ll help you get the most out of every workout.

1. Press Bench

A standard flat bench should be on ever home gym essentials checklist. This piece of equipment adds a lot of versatility to a workout. You can find support in a press bench during weight training exercises, as well as high-intensity interval training circuits. The bench provides support, stability and additional props to make a real challenge out of some of the most basic workouts.

2. Cardio Machine

Keeping your cardiovascular system healthy is an important part of any fitness goal. That’s why you can’t forget a cardio machine to achieve professionally suggested amounts of daily cardio.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including ellipticals, stair masters, row machines, and treadmills. You should buy a smaller machine, such as a stationary bike, if you’re short on space for your home gym.

3. Free-Weight Dumbbells

If you plan on building a sleek, toned body, you’ll definitely need to add weighted exercises to your routine. Dumbbells are often referred to as ‘free weights’ and they allow you to push your muscles to the limit so you are able to break them down properly. Free weights also give you the option of isolating muscle groups during exercises for the best results.

You can perform anything from shoulder presses to weighted squats. Although you don’t have the extra support of strength training machines, dumbbells help your body become stronger. Consider adding these to your home gym for the option of adding weighted reps to your workouts.

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the perfect addition to add an extra challenge to your workout without using larger equipment. Resistance bands are giant rubber bands that you can place around your knees, arms, ankles, etc. to increase intensity in your exercise.

Resistance bands come in different colors and styles and are divided into levels of tension that will occur during the exercise. These cost-effective fitness accessories are like a multipurpose piece of home gym equipment all in one.

5. Yoga Mats

When it’s time to slow down or startup, yoga mats are perfect for any stretch routine. And, of course, they come in handy during yoga. Yoga mats are usually affordable and add extra support during floor exercises. There are various colors and styles of mats to choose from, varying in thickness and material.

Start Your Home Gym Today

Starting a home gym isn’t as hard as it sounds. Everything falls into play once you’ve written down your list of top essentials and made the space for all the home gym machines. You also need to find a trustful place to buy your equipment from. Check out Precor Home Fitness equipment and accessories if you’re looking to start your own home gym and want to include state-of-the-art machines in your space.