7 Lifestyle Tips for Skinny Fat People

skinny fat people

Everyone thinks that if someone is thin, that person must be healthy. Yet, there are a group of people who can easily maintain their weight who aren’t actually thin.

Rather, they’re known as skinny fat people or, as it’s known in medical circles they have a metabolically obese normal weight. In other words, while their weight is normal, they still have too much body fat.

While these people can consume all the bacon, burgers, and beer they want without exercising and never gain weight, they’re just as at risk for the same serious health complications that obese people.

For those with a skinny fat body, there are steps you can take to avoid serious health problems. Here are seven lifestyle tips for skinny fat people.

1. Skinny Fat People Need To Focus On Their Diets

While it’s everyone’s dream to be able to consume whatever they want, whenever they want, and as large amounts of quantity as they want, it’s not a reality.

Simply put: we are what we eat. That goes for skinny fat people as well.

Which means, no matter how much a person weighs, foods like fruits and vegetables need to be a large part of a person’s diet.

With a skinny fat diet, the focus should be on eating for health, not for gaining or losing weight. But since most people find it hard to instantly change a lifetime of bad eating habits, don’t go overboard.

Instead, start small. Adding in gradual changes over time helps people stick with their new habits.

For those who love veggies, add in an extra serving of them every day.

Don’t count calories, focus on making healthy food choices and portion control.

2. Get and Keep Moving

While maintaining a skinny fat diet is helpful, it’s not enough. The human body was made to move, not to sit around and play video games.

The Mayo Clinic recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of heavy aerobic activity each week. Also suggested is strength training for al major muscles twice a week.

However, for those skinny fat people who haven’t made exercise a priority, don’t try running a marathon just yet. Like changing up a diet, incorporating exercise into a routine takes some time.

Start by walking instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Just start moving as often as possible.

Then build on it. Find exercise classes that are fun. Ask friends to help by joining in.

Join a gym or hire a personal trainer. Make a point of becoming more active every day and it quickly becomes just another part of a lifestyle.

3. Eat Less Or No Processed Food

A skinny fat body rarely achieves that goal without the help of a lot of processed food. And while the front of a package of processed food might claim it has plenty of vitamins and minerals, the main ingredients are always sugar, fat, and salt.

The sugar, fat, and salt in processed foods are causing a tremendous amount of health problems for humans. Sugar is highly addictive and most people consume too much of it.

Start by only purchasing food items with real ingredients. Avoid buying processed food and learn how to make favorites like brownies and even ice cream without adding extra chemicals, fat, and sugar.

As the body begins to detox from the unhealthy food choices, other changes are taking places as well. Many people feel they have more energy and feel happier as they adopt healthier food choices.

4. Drink Less Alcohol

While those with skinny fat might appear to be able to enjoy pounding a few beers while avoiding a beer gut, too much alcohol is still affecting them negatively.

While it’s not necessary to swear off alcohol altogether, cutting down on the booze will have some positive effects on a skinny fat body.

A lot of drinks, especially mixed drinks contain a lot of calories. Alcohol can also stimulate the appetite and lower inhibitions – meaning a person might end up ordering the chilly cheese fries rather than the three bean salad.

If cutting down isn’t an option, try drinks with less sugar and calories.

5. Hydrate Often

Much like eating the right foods, part of a healthy skinny fat diet is to stay hydrated. But not with drinks like diet sodas or energy drinks.

Often, they contain unhealthy chemicals or sugar that isn’t good for the body. Some of them are also high in calories.

Instead, stick to hydrating beverages like herbal tea, juiced fruits and veggies, and water. Watch the amount of caffeine consumed as it naturally dehydrates the body.

Hydration keeps people from feeling hungry when they aren’t.

Also, the body won’t work properly without enough water. It helps maintain our body temperature, remove waste, and even lubricate our joints.

A good way to start is by drinking 8 ounces of water each morning before eating breakfast.

6. Get Plenty Of Sleep

There are so many reasons why a skinny fat person needs their rest. It improves memory, curbs inflammation, and gives us extra energy.

As part of a skinny fat diet, getting enough sleep should become a priority.

For those who struggle with getting enough rest, here are a few tips.

Clear out any excess clutter in the room – that includes electronics, work materials, and even family photos.

Choose a bedtime and go to bed at that same time every single night. The body gets into a routine and knows it’s time for sleep. Keep doing it even on weekends.

Avoid caffeine, sugar, and any other stimulants right before bedtime. And make sure the light and noise levels won’t distract from a good night’s slumber.

7. Consult With The Professionals

Those with a skinny fat body should consult with a professional before starting any diet or workout. Especially because their goals are different from many others who are dieting and/or working out to lose weight.

The goal is here to maintain a healthy weight by eliminating the excess fat and replacing it with muscle. It’s hard to do that without a professional.

For skinny fat people looking to find ways to get and stay healthy, we can help.

Keep visiting our blog to find out the latest tricks and tips.

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